Purging Material for injection molding machine (Plastic purging agent)

Changing to Ultraplast changes manufacturing Purging Material for injection molding machine (Plastic purging agent) Ultraplast

How it works?

  • It is not abrasive, it works with a chemical reaction; Due to its composition it removes color, incrustations, black spots and oxidations. Its formula consists of various additives such as expanding agents and binding agents that make it more efficient. The Purge-UltraPlast® additive is ready to use and does not need a waiting time to be used.

FAQ [Study cases]

  • Q : How much Ultra Plast is needed for each purge with Injection Molding Machine?
    The amount of Ultra Plast needed is from one to twice the barrel capacity. Load Ultra Plast into the machine until you see it coming out from the nozzle. For the first cleaning you have to use probably the double amount in order to remove all the old burnt material/masterbatch rests..
  • Q : Does Ultra Plast leave any trace after purging?.
    No, Ultra Plast does not leave any residue because it does not stick to any kind of metal surface. Ultra Plast is generally considered to be a low-residue purging agent, making it suitable for most purging applications. Also the most difficult application, such as cleaning of transparent PC , does not leave any milky shadow with the new ULTRA PLAST HIGH-C..